How To Uninstall NVIDIA Drivers In Windows

How to install drivers after upgrading to the Windows 7 operating system. In current versions of Windows 10, all drivers, whether they be Microsoft or third-party drivers, are stored together in the DriverStore. To back up installed drivers, refer to our how-to back up installed drivers using the PowerShell guide. Select the Browse my computer for driver software option on the new window. The program begins to download the driver automatically. We usually are against using any Driver Update utilities because they tend to cause more harm than good.

If you do not have administrator access, and you suspect that any of your drivers are malfunctioning, it is best to contact IT support for help. They can properly troubleshoot your computer for you. Device Manager will open to display the list of drivers installed on the computer. To open a category, click on the arrow beside the category. Check the Delete the driver software for this device option . Select the driver, click the menu (three-dotted) button on the right side, and select the Uninstall option to remove the driver from Windows 11.

Graphics Card Driver

Accept the Nvidia software license agreement by clicking on the ‘Agree and Continue’ button. After this the install will finish and you will be ready for first boot into the OS. A server install is “usually” more likely to work if you are using “bleeding edge” hardware or Driversol unusual configurations. Latest Windows 10 ISO downloaded from here / Windows 11 ISO downloaded from here. – Do not use Media Creation Tool, if no direct ISO link is available, follow this guide. Latest GPU driver from or, don’t rely on Device manager or Windows update.

  • They also work with other machines such as printers and scanners.
  • Once your NVIDIA’s driver is updated, you can see the graphics to be working perfectly for Windows.
  • Then, the OS must send out requests to other components of your computer that will help you execute commands so you can watch the show.
  • If you’re not experiencing crashes or applications hanging and you have plenty of space on your boot drive, you could just leave the drivers where they are.

In addition, before the drivers are updated, they are backed up. But I will be describing the easiest ways you can uninstall your old GPU drivers. Because if you don’t your new GPU won’t function properly and there is this big chance that you will end up getting less performance because of the old drivers.

Update the software on all devices

After that, you can replace all of your old drivers with their latest versions by clicking on the ‘Update all’ button. If you are using Windows older versions like XP and Vista, then we recommend you not use this driver updating tool. This action resolves all the issues including outdated drivers on your system.

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The Driver Properties window will not be accessible while the process is running. After the process is over, the Driver tab will display the previous driver version instead. It is generally best to install Microsoft’s official drivers on your device instead of the “basic” drivers provided by Microsoft. Therefore we recommend you use Advanced Driver Updater to get the automatic updates for all drivers in your entire system. It will help you to keep the communication between the devices with the operating system flowing without interruption. If Windows 10 is not able to update the Graphics driver, this tool will work wonders by realtek drivers performing the function.