How long Is Hooks Texas Right from Texarkana?

Hooks, Texas, is a small city in the Texarkana city area. It is located on US Highway 82. The population is a couple of, 769 since the 2010 census. It has a low cost of living and a business-friendly atmosphere.

Also, it is close to a number of other Texan cities. It is a vehicle hub. There are two major army installations in the town. It is around the Texas Northeastern Railroad and ALL OF US Highway 82. It has two sawmills. It has a highly rated public university or college system.

It is located thirteen miles west of Texarkana. There exists a train support between the two cities. The common commute time is twenty six minutes. The travel period includes you a chance to get to the airport.

Beyond just the military establishments, the town also offers several ponds. It is reputed for its crappie fishing and white largemouth bass. There are also equestrian trails and parks.

The citizenry of Hooks is traditional. The city was set up in the late 1800s around Warren Hooks’ plantation. The citizenry was around 250 by 1890. In 1942, the city’s population increased to three, 000. Very low large amount of natural cotton production.

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It is a faith based town. It has sixteen chapels. It has a regular newspaper. It absolutely was founded being a supply center to get the Warren Hooks plantation. They have excellent theme parks. Excellent lot of elegance. It is a great place to have.

The median residence price is $102, 900. It has an understanding rate of 10. seven percent for the past a decade and four. 6% for the past 12 months.