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:: Purple Heron ::
Mangalajodi, Dec’15

صور من منشور ‏‎Derrel Pinto‎‏ في ‏‎Birding Frnds‎‏

Derrel Pinto‏Birding Frnds

Black shouldered kite hovering

صور من منشور ‏‎Vinod Thattekkad‎‏ في ‏‎Birding Frnds‎‏

Vinod Thattekkad‏Birding Frnds

White-bellied Blue flycatcher (Western Ghats Endemic) @ Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary Kerala India 5-1-2016 with Sanjeev Kapadia and Visual Vasu

صور من منشور ‏‎Subhash Bhoomireddy‎‏ في ‏‎Birding Frnds‎‏

Subhash Bhoomireddy‏Birding Frnds
❝ U & I ❞

ID: Black-winged Stilt (Male and Female)

The black-winged stilt is characterised by its extremely long, red legs, white stomach and true to its name, jet-black wings. Its distinctive legs make up around 60 percent of its overall height, providing it with a feeding advantage over other waders in deeper waters. The diet of the black-winged stilt is variable according to season, but typically comprises aquatic insects. It is a typically a social bird and can be found in groups of up to a thousand during the winter migration.

EXIF: 1/640 sec || ISO 640 || f/9 || EV +0.7 || Aperture Priority || Nikon D5200 with Nikkor AF-S VR 70-300mm lens #SubhashBhoomireddy

9th JAN’16, Fox Sagar Lake, Hyderabad

صور من منشور ‏‎Balkrishna Varute‎‏ في ‏‎Birding Frnds‎‏

Balkrishna Varute‏Birding Frnds

Common kingfisher @ khidrapur maharashtra

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Ganesh Jayaraman‏Birding Frnds
من ‏‏تشيناي‏، ‏الهند‏‏ ·

Sociable Lapwing (Vanellus gregarius) | Little Rann of Kutch, india | Jan 2015.

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Geet Batra‏Birding Frnds

Heart Spotted Woodpecker
Dandeli, Karnataka
Nikon P900

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صور من منشور ‏‎Ami Prabal‎‏ في ‏‎Birding Frnds‎‏

Ami Prabal‏Birding Frnds

Good Morning, a nice day starts with yummy breakfast, we the, birds believe in nature in our capability to work hard everyday, we do not collect food for next day bcuz we trust ourselves and we know the sun will rise, our wings will be spread and we will find the way to survive with our dignity and pride.
A beautiful Green backed Tit
Sattal, UK, India

صور من منشور ‏‎Ami Prabal‎‏ في ‏‎Birding Frnds‎‏

Ami Prabal‏Birding Frnds

कहते हैं, खुदा जब हुस्न देता है तो नज़ाकत आ ही जाती है
It says beauty is always followed by attitude, this beauty proved this, very shy and naughty hardly I could click few shots,,,, but really so beautiful upper house world is, in both ways physically and spiritually.
Orange Headed Thrush
Bharatpur, Raj. India
Dec. 2015



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