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المصور يوسف كارش photographer Yousuf Karsh – من المصورين الغظماء The Greatest Photographers Along With Their Legendary Masterpieces

The Greatest Photographer - Yousuf Karsh

4. Yousuf Karsh

He was originally from Armenia, yet he was neither an outdoor photojournalist nor a photographer because his genre of work was portraits. Apart from that, his name was less famous but the people who were shot by him were famous people and the world figures. It is noted that some of them were Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, The Queen Elizabeth II and John F. Kennedy who was particularly shot by Karsh in portrait style. Indeed, he always took the portrait photos only yet they got a lot of stories in them and more understandable more than other people’s works. Every image of famous figure’s styles was created according to the characters and impressions of that person.

Audrey Hepburn by Yousuf Karsh


Albert Einstein by Yousuf Karsh


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