Thamer Al-Tassan

I’m an amateur photographer born in Saudi Arabia in 1981, educated and lived in the US for 12 years. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems from the University of Tampa.

I fell into photography by chance in 2004 and started learning about it on my own without taking any classes or reading any books. After 5 years of photography experience I was awarded the title “Travel Digital Photographer of the Year” in January 2009 by Digital Photographer magazine.

Traveling around the world photographing places that catch my eye from unique perspectives is my passion. Reflections is the subject I love most in photography along with Architecture. My photographs have been featured in numerous publications in the US, Europe, and the Middle East. They have also won a number of international awards.

While Photography is just a hobby I pursue when traveling, I work in the electronic media & digital marketing field in Riyadh, Saudi.

ثامر يوسف الطاسان، مصور هاوي يعشق تصوير الانعكاسات والمعمار والتصوير بالآيفون. من مواليد الرياض سنة 1981. بدأت التصوير في 2004 بعد فشلي في الرسم والتصميم. نالت اعمالي على عدة جوائز عالمية ونشرت في وسائل اعلامية حول العالم. حاصل على بكالوريوس نظم معلومات من جامعة تامبا (فلوريدا، أمريكا) عام 2005. متزوج وأب لـ طلال. اعمل في مجال – التسويق الرقمي والنشر الإلكتروني والشبكات الإجتماعية – بالرياض

ثامر الطاسان

iPhoneography Workshop (Riyadh, 2013)
“Photographing Reflections” lecture (Ahsa, 2012)
Taqarub Exhibition (Dubai, 2012)
iPhoneography Exhibition (Riyadh, 2012)
Okaz Photography Contest Exhibition (Jeddah, 2012)
“Photographing Reflections” lecture (Dammam, 2011)
“Photographing Reflections” lecture (Riyadh, 2011)
ARAMCO Photography Exhibition (Dhahran, 2011)
The Courtyard Exhibition (Jeddah, 2011)
THINK Exhibition (Riyadh, 2011)
Afif Photography Exhibition (Afif, 2011)
“Social Responsibility Forum” Exhibition (Riyadh, 2010)
University of Oregon: “Inside View of Islamic World” Exhibition (USA, 2010)
“Focus on Imaging” Show: Digital Photographer magazine booth (UK, 2010)
“International Garden Photographer of the Year 2009″ Exhibition at Kew Gardens (UK, 2009)
“International Garden Photographer of the Year 2009″ Exhibition at Wakehurst Place, West Sussex (UK, 2009)
“Saudi Cultural Days” Exhibition (Yemen, 2009)
Al-Leewan Exhibition (Janadriah, 2009)
“8th Annual Al-Thani Award for Photography” Exhibition (Qatar, 2009)
“8th Annual Al-Thani Award for Photography” Exhibition (Germany, 2009)
“Good Nation” Exhibition (Riyadh, 2008)
“Passing Moments” Exhibition (Riyadh, 2008)
“Saudi Cancer Society” Exhibition (Riyadh, 2008)
“Arabic Lenses” Ramadhan Exhibition (Riyadh, 2008)
“Light Creativity” Second Exhibition (Jeddah, 2008)
“Aaks Group” Exhibition (Riyadh, 2008)
University of Tampa: Annual Student Exhibition (USA, 2004

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